P3 Innovation takes three approaches toward activating innovation – we either build these businesses ourselves, invest in prospective startups founded by others, or partner a like-minded player with complementary resources.


We create our own startups by leveraging on Pico edge to solve industrial pain points through new innovative business models.


We partner complementary players who share our interest and passion in innovative businesses.


We invest in existing prospective innovative startups by investing in them and providing them additional resources to boost their business and accelerate their growth.


To date, P3 Innovation has funded several startups in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and eventually we seek to expand internationally following Pico’s global footprint. Through our accelerator and coworking space P3 Space, we are nurturing a number of prospective companies and entrepreneurs. We are also actively investing in and helping startups on their fund raising through P3 Capital. Together our group of companies form a powerful ecosystem leveraging on Pico’s strengths and international resources to achieve significant synergies and enhance growth.

P3 space

P3 Space is a Shanghai based corporate accelerator and coworking space focused on supporting startups through incubation, investment and business partnerships. Situated on the 4th floor of Pico’s Shanghai headquarters, P3 Space occupies over 3,000 square meters featuring a seating capacity of 140, with meeting rooms, recreation/sports area and a communal events space which we use to host most of our activities.

At P3 Space, we are very focused on a communal approach and seek to foster a relaxed, open, flexible environment where people can be most creative and productive. We want to create a community where everyone shares and achieves serendipity. In addition to providing shared administrative services, P3 Space specializes in helping our startups with commercialization planning, brand activation, business lead generation and financial investment and advisory services.


P3 capital

P3 Capital is the financial investment and advisory unit of P3 Innovation. Through our parent HK listed Pico Group and our network of financial partners and co-investors, we provide capital solutions to our portfolio companies, incubatees as well as prospective startups within our ecosystem. P3 Capital leverages on the network and expertise of P3 Innovation's core team who have significant experience in investments and advisory, as well as a good track record of several successful exits that have generated significant returns.