P3 innovation culture

Work Smart, Play Hard

We are all about self-empowerment, focusing on setting objectives, staying disciplined to achieve goals efficiently. It’s not about facing time, and definitely no clocking 9-to- 5s. You own what you do, have absolute freedom but also take full responsibility. Work/life balance is key to our well-being, creativity and effectiveness.

speed and passion

In our world things move very quickly. Success and failure are only a hairline apart. A strong passion and desire to succeed is imperative.


Innovation holds no rules and sets no boundaries. When we derive a plan to do something,we have to be observant and always prepare to adapt, adjust and improve constantly.


Entrepreneurship is full of uncertainties, and the path is laden with challenges and frustrations. The brave battle on and reap the rewards.


We take pride in being a diverse and unique group of people who are empowered and work together to achieve greater things in life.To generate the strength required to face the challenges of startup life requires a high degree of camaraderie, sharing, living and breathing the same beliefs.



Position Job Type Company Company
Operation Manager Full-time SSWIFT Shanghai
Business Development Manager Full-time SSWIFT Shanghai
Risk Control Manager Full-time SSWIFT Shanghai
Marketing Manager Full-time E3 Exhibition Shanghai
Marketing Assistant(intern) Part-time E3 Exhibition Shanghai